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Most businesses still don’t get it…

Formerly known as Google My Business - An optimised Google Business Profile listing can have a huge impact on the number of organic leads your business is able to get.

Its 2 main benefits are:

  • Improving search visibility which gets more potential customers' eyes on your business.
  • Increased click-through rates meaning your business gets clicked on over your competitors.

And the best part? The majority of businesses still don’t realise the importance of Google Business Profile optimisation. This allows your business to steal a march on your competitors.

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Google Business Profile Optimisation Services

Google Business Profile Audit

A bespoke audit of your Google Business Profile. This is not some standard piece of software that spits out a generic report, this report is manually carried out by a human being!

We highlight the key areas where you can improve your Google Business Profile optimisation. We then provide actionable steps you can take to vastly improve your business listings performance.

Business Category Optimisation

Categories are used to help Google understand the type of business you operate. It also guides Google on how to correctly display your business information in search results and Google Maps.

Optimising your Google Business Profile categories is essential to improving your visibility in local search results, making it easy for customers to find your business.

Creation and optimisation of products & services

The products and services area of your Google Business Profile is an under-utilised way of showcasing the products and services your business offers.

These are carefully crafted using targeted keywords and the correct imagery to stand out and improve the visibility of your business and what you offer.

Q&A creation and optimisation

This area is almost always misunderstood and never used to its full potential. It provides clear information about any questions potential customers might have.

This helps them make informed decisions about your business.

Optimised description

We write the description with both search engine optimisation (SEO) and customer in mind.

A well-written Google Business Profile business description will help your business stand out in search results, attract more customers and increase engagement and brand awareness.

Review optimisation

The importance of reviews on your Google Business Profile cannot be understated. We use a tried a tested system to maximise the quality and quantity of your reviews.

This is explained further in our Review Management section.

Other Google Business Profile Optimisation Services Include:

  • Cover photo, logo optimisation
  • Photo upload consulting and recommendations
  • Adding important business attributes and information
  • Landing page recommendations
  • Design recommendations to increase click-through rate and conversion
  • A dedicated Google Business Profile expert working with your business

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